ATM + Bitcoin Sidecar

Exclusively by CTI

ATM/Bitcoin combo allows customers the same ATM functionality, plus the ability to buy bitcoin with cash or debit and the ability to redeem bitcoin for cash.

Zero Risk. Zero Cost. Monthly Revenue.

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Requires less space than a seperate kiosk. Only 12" wider than a traditional ATM.

Several programs to choose from. If you load your own ATM now, you can continue to do so with our equipment (it's like upgrading your ATM for free!) We also have cash loading programs.


CTI has one of the strongest KYC (Know Your Customer) policies in this business. Customers register the first time when they use our kiosk, providing their ID and answering a series of questions to insure they are legitimate users. The kiosks also have a camera which provide a picture of the individual completing each transaction.

Interested in upgrading your ATM or earning additional revenue? We can help with both.

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